Welcome to CINNACO Trading Company,
your reliable Procurement Agent in South Africa.

Since 1986 CINNACO has provided a useful export procurement service
to clients around the world.
CINNACO will source any item that you require from South Africa
and send it to you via airfreight or sea.

Some of the Products and Services which we offer and supply are:

  • Building:
    Construction Equipment & Building Materials
  • Tools:
    Power Tools and Hand Tools
  • Mining Equipment & Spares
  • Steel products:
    Sheets, Profiles etc
  • Marine, Yachting & Fittings
  • Vehicles:
    Trailers, Cars & Vans
  • Education and Institute supplies
  • Stationary supplies
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Agricultural:
    Machines and equipment

What's in a Name...
When CINNACO started trading in 1986, some of the first items we traded where Cinnamon and Coconut.
This part of our history is still reflected in our company name and we are proud of it.